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3 Ways to Save on Spooky AC Bills

Posted on Holidays, Money Saving Tips October 15, 2017

In the southern part of Florida, we tend to have hot and humid temperatures throughout much of the year. When the fall season comes around in other areas of the country, many homeowners start gearing up to heat their homes to stay comfortable, but many of the locals here continue using their air conditioners to keep cool. Save on spooky air conditioning bills around Halloween by following these simple tips.

Program the Thermostat

Instead of turning your AC on and off as the temperature shifts, keep it programmed at a comfortable temperature and leave it alone. When you leave for the day or go to bed at night, the temperature can go higher to avoid wasting energy and money. Try bumping your setting up by a few degrees to see if you still feel comfortable.

Use Fans

Box and ceiling fans help circulate cool air from the air conditioning system, helping it to feel cooler in the space. While fans don’t produce any cold air themselves, they use quite a bit less energy than the air conditioning system. When the AC is running, using a ceiling fan can move the air around and help with efficiency.

Get a Seasonal Tuneup

Your air conditioner works hard all year in Florida, so components can wear out and break down over time. Bringing in an experienced HVAC technician for a tuneup at the start of each season can help ensure that your unit is running at optimal efficiency. The technician should perform a thorough inspection of all parts of the air conditioning and heating system, and then test the cooling and heating capacity of each unit. You can also have your technician perform a vent cleaning, which can reduce utility bills by allowing the cooling system to move air more efficiently.

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