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5 Budget-Friendly Halloween Decoration Ideas

Posted on Blog, Holidays October 23, 2014

At All Year Cooling, we love helping you save money. Decorating can be expensive, so we wanted to share some decorating ideas for Halloween. You can do most of these ideas with things you have lying around the house. And don’t forget to check out All Year Cooling coupons!

Spooky Homemade Wreaths

Adding a wreath to your door can complete your home’s Halloween look! Instead of buying a pricey one at the store, make your own with a few simple supplies. Wrap a feather boa around a circular wreath frame to create the base of the wreath. Then sprinkle in some spooky decorations like spiders or eyeballs. Tie it all together will a ribbon, and it’s ready for your door!

Wicked Window Decorations

Adorn your windows with these faux bloody handprints. They add the perfect touch! First, secure a piece of plastic wrap to a flat surface. Mix Elmer’s glue with red food coloring until you get the right blood color. Next, paint your hand in the blood glue (use gloves if you don’t want your hand to get stained). The layer should be pretty thick, so you may need to add in a bit more of the mixture with a spoon or brush. Let the prints dry on the plastic wrap. Once completely dry, peel them off, and stick onto windows.

Decorate Your Door

Decorate your door as a spooky Halloween character. Use felt, giant googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and small Halloween decorations like plastic spiders to give your front door a ghoulish appearance!

DIY Halloween Welcome Mats

Buying welcome mats for each holiday can be pricey, so we suggest repurposing an old mat you already have. Create stencils out of cardboard in Halloween shapes like bats, pumpkins, ghosts and phrases, like “Boo.” Then simply lay them on the matt and use spray paint your design. It’s a simple and cheap way to decorate your front porch for trick-or-treaters.

Create a Cemetery in Your Yard

Make an easy cemetery plot in your yard with a few inexpensive items that will be easy to clean up after Halloween. Place crumbled ball of newspaper on your front lawn and cover with an old, dark colored beach to give the “plot” a mound appearance. Then cover with a lawyer of potting soil. If it’s windy, nail down the corners of the towel. Add a cardboard tombstone at the top, and you’re done!


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