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Advice On Increasing Home Cooling Efficiency

Posted on AC Tips, Blog June 20, 2016

With plenty of hot weather to go around cooling your home this summer should be a priority. Having a place to chill when the hot weather outside gets too much will make for a more bearable summer. However, it’s no fun when the cooling bills get out of control. Increasing the home cooling efficiency will allow you to enjoy the cool air indoors without having to worry about the bill.

Attic Fans

In addition to an air conditions systems you can have attic fans installed. They will take some of the cooling burden away from the AC system so that it won’t have to work as hard. Attic fans are inexpensive and they are controlled by a thermostat, which means they’ll kick in whenever the air temperature becomes too hot.

AC Systems

Those with an AC system should consider having maintenance work completed to improve efficiency levels. Unclogging filters or removing mould buildup within the ductwork system can significantly improve efficiency levels. Your AC system will require less energy to perform the same amount of cooling.

Whole House Fan           

Another solution is to have a large fan installed on the top floor of your home. This fan setup draws air from the windows of your home and releases the air via air ducts in the attic. Air flow is controlled by the speed of the fan and the location of the opened windows.


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