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All Year Cooling Offers Coupons for the Fall and Winter Season

Posted on Blog, Money Saving Tips November 15, 2017

HVAC repairs, installation, and maintenance can get expensive, but proper care can extend the life of your unit. At All Year Cooling, we’re here to lessen the burden of the cost of HVAC maintenance by offering coupons for the fall and winter season. Our coupons make it easier to keep up on necessary maintenance without having to spend a fortune.

Duct Service

When you’re suffering from fall allergies, a duct cleaning service can make a big difference in the overall indoor air quality within your home. During the duct cleaning and restoration service, your technician will use a mold-resistant, antibacterial solution to reduce contaminants and improve airflow. Duct sealing can also improve the efficiency of your home’s HVAC unit since it will reduce the gaps that allow air to leak out when your cooling system is running.

When you’re still struggling with efficiency, consider bringing in one of our experts to examine your attic insulation. During the summer months, your roof gets a lot of exposure to direct sunlight, which can make it hard to keep your home’s interior cool. In fact, the temperature in the attic can get as high as 140 degrees Fahrenheit. With proper attic insulation, you can keep the heat away from the rest of your home and maintain a comfortable temperature.

AC Repair

Ineffective cooling is one of the most common problems we see in the Fort Lauderdale area. With warm temperatures and high humidity throughout much of the year, it’s important to have an air conditioning system that can keep up. Our AC repair coupons make it easier to afford service that will keep your family comfortable throughout the changing seasons.


If your air conditioner is outdated or not working properly, you may need a new unit. We also provide coupons for installation of air conditioners from the top brands in the HVAC industry. We’ll perform a thorough examination of your home to choose a unit that will keep up with your family’s cooling needs, so you can trust our technicians with the installation process.

Take advantage of one of these coupons and schedule your service with All Year Cooling today.


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