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Top Places For Sales This St. Patrick’s Day

Posted on Blog, Money Saving Tips March 14, 2017 by Emily Jones

Are you interested in taking advantage of the St. Patrick’s Day sales? Then you’ll need to know the top destinations for sales, and with so many online retailers it can be confusing. The list below will allow you to figure out where your priorities should lie: Amazon: one of the biggest online retailers is Amazon, Read More…

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Top Things You Didn’t Know About Valentine’s Day

Posted on Blog, Holidays February 14, 2017 by Emily Jones

Valentine’s Day is one of the days on the calendar that many people know by heart. You are either looking forward to it if you have a partner, or you are dreading it if you’re single. However, you might not know as much about this popular day as you thought you did. Here are some Read More…

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Save Money on Air Conditioning Costs

Posted on AC Tips, Blog, Money Saving Tips January 20, 2017 by Emily Jones

Cut your cooling costs with these money-saving tips! If you have a central air conditioning unit or a window unit, you can cut your electric bills significantly, especially in our South Florida climate, by following these energy-saving cooling tips this summer: When buying a window AC unit, more is not necessarily better. Base the size of the Read More…

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Money Saving Tips for the Holidays

Posted on Blog, Holidays, Money Saving Tips December 15, 2016 by Emily Jones

Worried that the amount of money you’ll spend during the holiday season will cause a lot of stress in January? Spending money during the holidays is difficult to avoid, but if you’re smart about it then you can achieve the same thing while spending less money. Here are some common tips that will help you Read More…

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What To Buy And Avoid During Black Friday 2016

Posted on Blog, Holidays, Money Saving Tips November 16, 2016 by Emily Jones

Black Friday is approaching and to make the most of the sales bonanza, you need to clue yourself in on a few things. It’s vital to figure out the products that are worth buying, and the ones to steer clear of. Worth buying: Old Apple products: most retailers dramatically reduce the cost of old Apple Read More…

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