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Cool Down Your AC Costs This Summer!

Posted on AC Tips, Blog, Money Saving Tips, Seasonal Weather May 13, 2015

Stay Cool This Summertime!

With summer rapidly approaching, most of us Floridians will be lowering our AC’s dramatically in attempt to stay cool. Below are tips on how to reduce your air conditioning costs this summer:

Improve plantings around your home:

 Planting trees and other leafy plants around the exterior of your home (especially near windows) will provide shade and prevent the sun from reaching inside your home. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, shading your actual AC unit with trees or shrubs can boost its efficiency by up to 10%.


Raise the Temperature:

 While you’re at home allow yourself to lower the air conditioner to keep you comfortable. However, when your home is unoccupied be sure to raise the thermostat. Raising the thermostat by just a few degrees can save homes anywhere from 5-10% on air conditioning bills.


Don’t bake or cook on the stove:

Keep stove-top boiling and oven baking to a minimum during the summer months. Using these appliances can cause homes to feel hotter and even more humid forcing your air conditioner to work harder to cool the space.


Maintain your AC:

 When attempting to lower air conditioning costs, maintaining your unit is a definite must. One main thing to definitely stay on top of is replacing air filters. Clogged filters do not allow for good air movement and do not allow the unit to stay leveled.
Replacing an old air conditioning unit with a newer, more energy efficient unit is also another important thing to keep in mind. Although this can be a very expensive task, newer units can cut energy costs in half. Be sure to look for an Energy Star Qualified unit, and contact All Year Cooling for more information.
AC maintenance

What Can We Do For You?

At All Year Cooling, we know that our customers enjoy saving as much as possible and this is why we offer a variety of AC Repair, maintenance, and installation coupons for our services. Contact us today for more information on how you could save big!



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