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Last Minute Holiday Shopping Tips and Gift Ideas

Posted on Holidays, Money Saving Tips December 15, 2017

Whether you forgot the occasion or were too busy to make it to the store, being caught without all your gifts at the last minute can be a nightmare. This holiday season, rest easy knowing that you won’t be in a bind if you left someone off your list or are a few presents short. Follow these tips to handle your urgent holiday shopping without raising your blood pressure.

Take Advantage of Quick Shipping Options

If you have a night or two to spare, you might have enough time to order a gift online and have it sent straight to your loved one’s house as a surprise. If you’re traveling, consider shipping the gift to your destination. Remember that shipping times for all carriers may be delayed due to the holiday rush. Still, this a great option if you can take advantage of it. Some retailers even offer gift wrapping.

Look for Gifts That Are Easy to Get at the Last Minute

If ordering online and waiting for shipping isn’t an option or you need a gift ASAP — in a few hours, even — look for gifts that are thoughtful yet practical. Gift cards are a great solution here. Add  a special touch by keeping it in mind where they usually shop or the things they do for fun. Does the recipient have a favorite store or hobby? Find a card specifically for that interest, to show that the gift is still thoughtfully catered to their preferences. Because many people are so picky, gift cards are often preferred, for they allow one to choose what they want at the time that is convenient for them.

Another thoughtful option is to look for discounts or coupons for something that you know your recipient needs and pay for that product or service for them. This can be something like household maintenance or car repairs, and it will help lighten their burden and reduce some stress — which is certainly an excellent gift to receive for any holiday.

If you’re in need of a last-minute gift, take advantage of All Year Cooling’s coupons and discounts to schedule some essential services or pay for a routine maintenance check for someone in need. It may not be a traditional gift under the tree, but sometimes the most practical gifts are the most appreciated!


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