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Money Saving Tips For 2015

Posted on Money Saving Tips January 20, 2015

At All Year Cooling, we know that our customers enjoy saving as much as possible and this is why we offer a variety of AC repair, maintenance, and installation coupons for our services. In addition to savings on our air conditioning services, we want our customers to save more in general for 2015.

Trick Yourself Into Saving Money

We know it is hard to save money so we have gathered a list of tips that allow you to save money easier.

The Automatic Transfer

  • Transferring money out of your checking into your savings account can get put aside if you are left to do it. Set up automatic transfers into your saving on payday and let technology help you save.

Focus On One Goal At A Time

  • It is often said that multitasking is a great idea that is never executed properly because you can’t effectively focus on two things at once. Focus on one saving goal at a time and then move on to the next one.

Disregard Raises & Bonuses

  • It is very tempting to spend that bonus but you should quickly put it away and resist the temptation to spend it. Adjust your automatic savings transfer to accommodate for the new raise and pretend like it never happened!

The Reward System

  • People get acquainted with reward/punishment system early in life and you can apply it to savings. Set up a positive (non-monetary) reward for yourself after you complete a savings goal and/or set up an appropriate punishment for not meeting your goal.

Physically Look at Your Debit/Credit Card Statements

  • Some people avoid looking at the scale because they simply don’t want to know and some people do the same for their debit/credit card statements. Seeing all the purchases you make monthly can help you reduce the number of unnecessary purchases made every month.

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