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Reduce Energy Bills and Increase Home Security with Exterior LED Lights

Posted on AC Tips, Coupons, Money Saving Tips July 15, 2016

For most homes making use of exterior LED lights can discourage potential burglars and helps avoid accidents by increasing visibility. However, they typically need to be turned on for 12 hours at a time, consuming a fair chunk of electricity in the process.

Fortunately, LED lights consume 85% less electricity than incandescent lights that have been traditionally used in the past. There is also the option of selecting lighting that is motion activated. You’ll still get the benefits of keeping burglars away and improved visibility, just without the long periods of illumination. In addition, these lighting systems turn on instantly when activated by motion – there is no period of time where they are “warming up”. This is more practical than other models where it might take several seconds before the intended area is lit up.

As you can see you don’t have to put a big dent in your wallet to enjoy exterior lighting around your home. Even if you have a large home and there are plenty of gaps to light up, coming up with a practical lighting solution is possible with modern day LED motion activated systems.


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