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Simple Energy-Saving Tips to Improve HVAC Efficiency

Posted on AC Tips, Money Saving Tips August 13, 2018

As we’re getting into the dog days of summer, the battle to keep our HVAC efficiency at peak is a constant one. As the temperatures rise, so do the power bills, and you want to make sure your unit is running at its best all the time. Below are five tips for making sure your HVAC efficiency is on point this summer.

Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit Clean

Keeping your HVAC unit clean is one of the best ways to up its performance. Check your outdoor unit and make sure no plants have grown in the unit or too close to it. Make sure the unit has a clear space around it and it isn’t clogged with feathers, leaves, and the like.

Likewise, you want to make sure your air filters stay clean. If your AC is having to work harder to get air through dirty filters, it won’t be as efficient. A good rule of thumb is to clean or change air filters every three months.

Install Your AC Unit in a Shady Spot

It may sound strange, but keeping your outside unit cooler can actually help the unit function better. If possible, arrange for the unit to be in the shade for most of the day. This way, the unit isn’t having to cool down the air it’s bringing in so much.

As part of this, you may also want to insulate your unit ducts. Imagine how much harder your HVAC will have to work if the air it’s pumping in is ten degrees warmer by the time it hits your house. Make sure your ducts are insulated and you’ll see your efficiency improve.

Turn Up the Heat!

In another piece of wisdom, you probably heard from your father, turning the thermostat up a few degrees can make a huge difference in unit efficiency. Turn the thermostat up after the sun has gone down or when you’re gone from the house for a few hours. It won’t take long to get the house back down to a comfortable temperature when you get back, but it can save you a lot of wasted energy (and money!).

In addition, as much as possible, use ceiling fans. They help circulate cool air through the room, making things feel cooler even when your HVAC isn’t working as hard. Plus, they use way less power than an HVAC does.

Keep the Blinds Drawn While You’re Away

If you’re trying to keep a house cool, having the sun beaming into your living space can be counterproductive. It doesn’t take a lot of sun to heat up a room in South Florida, making your HVAC work that much harder.

Make sure western-facing windows are covered with heavy drapes or sunscreens. The hot afternoon sun is much more powerful than the morning sun, so you won’t have to give up natural light entirely. Sunscreens are also a great way to preserve the natural light while avoiding the extra heat.

Keep Your House Properly Insulated

One of the best ways to improve HVAC efficiency is to make sure your house is properly insulated and sealed off. Right now, you might be flashing back to your dad telling you to close the door and asking if you were trying to air condition the whole street. But as it turns out, Dad had some good insight there.

Check your home for holes and gaps that could be leaking air. Windows and doors are obvious candidates for this. You can also gain a lot of AC efficiency by properly ventilating your attic.

More Tips for Improving HVAC Efficiency

If you’d like to learn more about improving HVAC efficiency or would like to save some on your power bill, visit the rest of our site at All Year Cooling. We have AC coupons that will make sure you get the most for your money. Contact us today to start saving money the cooler way.


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