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The 2016 Tax Free Weekend in Florida

Posted on Blog, Money Saving Tips August 10, 2016

This year the tax-free weekend in Florida is a shorter, but the sales are getting bigger. Now you can enjoy tax-free purchases on not only hurricane preparedness products, but also clothing, back to school supplies and much more. Here are some of the rules to qualify for the tax-free offer:

Computers: when buying computers and their accessories the tax-free promotion applies to only the initial $750 of the sale price.
Back to school products: is only valid for items that cost $15 or less.
Clothing, shoes, and accessories: products must be $100 or less in order to qualify.

Shopping advice
Don’t buy items that you do not need just because it is the tax-free weekend. Also keep in mind that the tax-free offers might not be the best ones that are around. The related taxes in Florida are in the 6-7.5% range. It could be the case that you can save significantly more money by shopping around and taking advantage of completive sales and coupon offers.
Furthermore, do not lose track of the products that are not included in the tax-free promotion. Visit Florida’s Department of Revenue website for more information on what is included.

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