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The Best Settings to Put Your A/C On Before Going On Vacation

Posted on AC Tips, Blog July 15, 2018

The Best Settings to Put Your A/C On Before Going On Vacation

Is it time for a summer vacation?

Wondering how you should set your AC while you’re away?

AC costs can be very high in the summer months so you don’t want to waste your money running it too much while you’re away. It’s important to save energy as much as possible during the spring and summer months.

However, leaving it on can allow your home to stay in great shape and be ready for you when you get back home. You’ll also avoid big fluctuations in temperature that can end up being even more costly.

Below we’ll give you our recommended AC settings to use when you’re away on a summer vacation.

Things to Consider First

Before you decide on your AC settings for summer there are a few things you’ll want to consider. There is no perfect answer for how you should leave your AC on when you’re away. It really depends on your own personal preferences along with the following factors.

Vacation Length

One important thing you’ll want to consider is how long your vacation will actually be.

Leaving your AC on during a shorter vacation that is less than a week is often the better choice. If you do, you’ll avoid dealing with the extra costs that come with big jumps and changes in your temperature.

However, for a trip that is one week or longer, it may be a good idea to consider turning your AC off entirely.

Weather Forecast

You’ll also want to find out what the weather will be like when you’re away from your home.

If the weather will be particularly hot during your trip, you may not want to turn on your AC. Otherwise, it may have to work extra hard to deal with the high temperatures.

If the weather will be colder, rainy, or cloudier than average, you may want to do things differently. It may be a good idea to leave your AC on but at a lower strength. It won’t be necessary to cool your home down as much when there is colder weather outside.

Thermostat Types

It also matters what kind of thermostat you have in your home. With a better thermostat, you’ll have more options for what to do when you’re away.

smart thermostat (i.e- NEST Thermostat) or one in which you’ll be able to control remotely can be a great help. A thermostat that is able to monitor itself and adjust accordingly can be a great help when you’re away on a vacation.

A manual thermostat, on the other hand, will limit your options. You may want to turn up the temperature a bit higher to make sure it’s not working too hard while you’re away.

Our Recommended AC Settings

So what are our recommended AC settings?

We think it’s best to leave the temperature on your thermostat at 82 degrees or higher during a vacation that is one week or less in length. You may even want to turn it off completely for a longer trip.

Additionally, be sure to prepare your home in other ways to keep the heat out. Close all curtains and blinds when you’re away and make sure that there aren’t any gaps in windows or doors that could let any additional heat into your home.

Final Thoughts

While you’ll ultimately need to decide for yourself what the setting will be for your AC while away, the above tips should give you everything you need to know to make a well-educated decision.

However, consider using our recommended AC settings while you’re on your summer vacation and you’ll likely be satisfied with the results.

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