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Top Money Saving Suggestions To Implement On Your Next Road Trip

Posted on Blog, Coupons, Money Saving Tips May 24, 2016

To make the most of the money you have to spend on a road trip you have to be smart about where it’s spent. Here are some top ways that you can save money so that you can allocate more of the budget on the fun aspects of the road trip.

  • Use a GPS app: while it might be tempting to hit the road and let your senses guide you forward it will probably not results in the most effective route to be taken. To save money on your fuel use a GPS app to plan out your route to figure out the most fuel-efficient way of getting to your destination.
  • Buy the basics from a supermarket: there will be basics that you need on your road trip such as toilet paper, water, snacks and so on. You’ll be paying a premium for these at a gas station, but at your local supermarket, you can get them for much cheaper.
  • Rent only what you need: if you are going to be renting a car or a hotel room then consider your needs before doing so. Only rent what you need and ignore the upgrade options if they are not required.
  • Tune up the car: since your car is the method of travel you should get it tuned up before setting off on your journey. For example, to achieve a boost of up to 3.3% fuel efficiency you can inflate the tires to optimal levels. Another fuel saving measure would be to remove excess weight by cleaning out the trunk of unrequired items.

Once the road trip is over, this doesn’t mean that you need to stop your money saving habits. An AC unit is running all day and repairs can become costly, so at All Year Cooling we always want homeowners to save money by using our repair coupons, maintenance coupons, and installation coupons.


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