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Top Things You Didn’t Know About Valentine’s Day

Posted on Blog, Holidays February 14, 2017

Valentine’s Day is one of the days on the calendar that many people know by heart. You are either looking forward to it if you have a partner, or you are dreading it if you’re single. However, you might not know as much about this popular day as you thought you did. Here are some top things you might have not known about Valentine’s Day:

  • Not the most popular for greeting cards: up to 190 million greeting cards are exchanged on Valentine’s Day, but the most popular greeting card day of the year is Christmas Day!
  • It all started with the Romans: there are two theories as to how Valentine’s Day started. The first is that the day is derived from Lupercalia, which is a raucous Roman festival on February 15. The other theory is Roman Emperor Claudius II did not permit his soldiers to marry, but St. Valentine did not obey this order and was executed on February the 14th.
  • Money is spent: on Valentine’s Day, the average US consumer spends around $102 on entrainment, meals, and gifts. It is a big day every year for the retailers.

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