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Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Posted on Blog, Holidays, Money Saving Tips February 9, 2016

Want to create a memorable Valentine’s Day, but without breaking the bank? With the right approach you can have the perfect Valentine’s Day on a budget. Here are 5 ideas on how to accomplish that:

Recreate your first date: if your first date was one to remember, then you recreate it during Valentine’s Day. Try to remember all the small details so that you can show your better half how important the first date was.

Spa date: you can mimic the luxury of a Spa in your bathroom with the right products. Buy a Spa kit, light some candles and enjoy the night.

Romantic picnic: you can create a typical park picnic in your living room. However, since the kitchen is a few steps away you can spend a little more effort on the meal than you would with a garden picnic.

Rooftop dinner: if you have access to the roof on your building, then you can create a nice candle light dinner under the stars. Make sure candles and a white tablecloth are involved to set the scene. Then, spare no expense on the quality of the main meal and dessert.

Backyard dinner date: if you want to avoid an expensive restaurant date, then opting to have it your backyard is a perfect alternative. You can craft a present for your loved one that might have more significance than a store bought gift.



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