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Ways to Save for Your New AC Unit

Posted on Blog, Money Saving Tips February 15, 2018

When you live in South Florida, having a functional AC unit is TOP priority. Your home is your safe haven and comfort zone. You sweat enough merely walking to your car; you don’t want to do it in your home as well. This is why it’s important to organize yourself ahead of the game. New air conditioning units aren’t cheap. If you notice your AC just isn’t blowing the winter-fresh air you need, then start saving up for the brand new unit you deserve!

Use these small steps to meet your goals incrementally:

Look at Current Finances

Where are you at right now? Assess your current financial situation. Look at how much you have saved right now and how much you can delegate that to your new AC unit. Even if it’s a small amount, you gotta start somewhere! After you’ve designated your initial amount, calculate your ‘musts’. These are all your monthly payments that are non-negotiable and mandatory. It’s important to include:

  • Rent/Mortgage
  • Insurance (Health, Auto, Life)
  • Bills & Utilities (Electric, AC, Gas, etc)
  • Living Expenses (Groceries, Gym Memberships, Prescriptions, etc)

Set a Budget…And Stick to It

Once you’ve determined your monthly income and expense, you can determine the difference. With the leftover cash, you can use some for extracurriculars or investments, and then create a budget to stick to putting into your new AC unit savings. It’s easy to waver from your budget if you aren’t careful, so make sure there’s room for an entertainment budget so you don’t fall behind your AC unit savings!

Consider Financing

Even if you haven’t saved the full amount for a new AC unit, you can always consider financing. If you don’t have enough saved up, and your AC is out of commission or needing repairs, contact your bank to research the conditions for financing with your branch. This will guarantee you get your new unit and hold you accountable to a monthly payment plan.

If the bank doesn’t approve your request, contact All Year Cooling for a unique finance plan ranging from 6 to 60 months. AYC understands that economic conditions aren’t always easy, so we will assess your case and try our best to finance your new AC unit in-house!



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