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What To Buy And Avoid During Black Friday 2016

Posted on Blog, Holidays, Money Saving Tips November 16, 2016

Black Friday is approaching and to make the most of the sales bonanza, you need to clue yourself in on a few things. It’s vital to figure out the products that are worth buying, and the ones to steer clear of.

Worth buying:

  • Old Apple products: most retailers dramatically reduce the cost of old Apple products around Black Friday in an attempt to make room for the newer versions. You should take advantage of these sales to acquire some high-quality tech at lower prices.
  • Gaming system packages: as a Christmas present, it is very popular to give a gaming system such as a PlayStation or Xbox system. On Black Friday, the price are either slashed for such systems, or you get a number of additional goodies thrown into the package.
  • Electronics: for the most part electronics prices are reduced which means you can take advantage if you need a new TV or a set of new headphones.

What to avoid:

  • Christmas decorations: The best time of the year to buy Christmas decorations is after Christmas. So you’ll do well to plan ahead of time and do your Christmas decoration shopping after Christmas.
  • Toys: Black Friday does have its fair share of price cuts on toys, but the best value tends to be a lot closer to Christmas time. So if you hold off and wait a few more weeks you’ll have a much wider variety of reduced price toys to make a selection from.

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